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MelLakeside Kitchen Design has been in business since 1989, and has a full staff who is dedicated to all your bathroom vanity white needs in the Ovid, NY area. Lakeside Kitchen Design specializes in bathroom vanity white services, and loves old houses as well as new. Lakeside Kitchen Design will do our best to fulfill all your bathroom vanity white needs in the Ovid, NY area and will work with you from the very beginning stages to the end of your project. Call for all your bathroom vanity white needs in the Ovid, NY area at 315-536-0909.
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Lakeside Kitchen Design prides itself on excellent workmanship, personal attention to detail, and outstanding customer service for all your bathroom vanity white needs in the Ovid, NY area. Our team of professionals at Lakeside Kitchen Design will make sure that every detail of your bathroom vanity white needs are attended to with expert craftsmanship and outstanding results in the Ovid, NY area. For excellent results in the Ovid, NY area, give Lakeside Kitchen Design a call at 315-536-0909.
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Countertops are the finishing touch to any space. Tile and Natural Stone countertops are especially elegant and can comfortably fit almost any budget. Tile and Natural Stone have a reputation for durability as well as beauty. It is heat resistant, hard to chip, and will last forever if properly maintained. Make your statement and let us help you make it beautiful.

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