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Custom Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape and you won’t be changing the kitchen layout, then you should keep them! We can help you restore your kitchen cabinets to bring them back to life. This process is called cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is where we change the exterior color of the cabinets to match your kitchen design. We will refinish the cabinets and then either reinstall the existing hardware or update with new hardware.

Bathroom Cabinets

A kitchen is relatively larger than a bathroom, and you often need to use more storage space and countertops in a kitchen. Adding a few extra inches to the height and depth of kitchen cabinets can add storage and counter space. For bathrooms, cabinets of this size will be too big and take up too much room in what may already be a small space. That’s why bathroom cabinets need to be proportional to the room.

A single standard bathroom vanity will be 36” wide and a double standard bathroom vanity will be 72” wide. We can always customize the bathroom vanity width to fit your exact space, so don’t be intimidated by these standard sizes if you’re afraid they may not fit in the bathroom space you have. Remember that the less demolition you have to do to the bathroom will typically keep the remodeling project shorter and more affordable. If you have to knock down a wall to make a standard bathroom vanity fit, you may need to reconsider the size of the bathroom vanity.

Natural wood is porous, which means it will absorb water molecules. Your bathroom will stay humid and moist long after you have taken a shower or a bath. This can cause real wood to warp. Many affordable bathroom cabinets, countertops, and vanities are available in MDF (medium-density fiberboard) because they aren’t porous and won’t warp over time. You should choose hardwood plywood if you want something a little more durable. But don’t worry—we will help you choose the best cabinets for your bathroom that won’t warp over time!

You can choose two different types of bathroom vanities: freestanding or built-in vanities. A freestanding vanity is suitable for small spaces, and you can customize it for any type of bathroom. A built-in vanity is best for larger bathrooms and offers more countertop space and internal storage. We will help you choose the best type of bathroom vanity for the bathroom you’re remodeling.

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